Ohr Chadash

One of the traditional prayers of the siddur, which is a part of the blessings for the Shema, says, “Cause a new light to shine upon Zion, and may we all be worthy soon to merit its light.”   “Ohr Chadash” is the Hebrew term for “New Light”.  It is this new light, which recalls the brilliant light of Creation, that provides the inspiration for the name of our congregation.

Our services are carefully and thoughtfully built upon the foundation of traditional Jewish synagogue worship and historical biblical models.  The various liturgical elements of our service provide a vehicle for worshipping G-d and experiencing His nearness.  Jewish worship is a sacred drama in which congregants are active participants in the service. Traditional Jewish worship contains the potential to foster a dynamic personal encounter with the G-d of the universe.

Video of our services may be found here.