Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

 Bar and Bat Mitzvah Classes

Bar and bat mitzvah classes are available for the children during the years they approach this very important period in their lives. When the children become bar or bat mitzvah, they move into a new relationship to their community and congregation

Congregation Ohr Chadash’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Class is an organized, vital, and continuing program of Shabbat School. It is a three year program designed for students beginning at ten years old and usually ending at thirteen years old. This program involves various meeting times, several leaders from our synagogue, and consists of the following curriculum:

  • Older Covenant offered during Shabbat School
  • Renewed Covenant offered during Shabbat School
  • Holidays and customs offered during Shabbat School
  • Hebrew
  • Liturgy
  • Jewish history
  • Community Service selected by student and overseen by parent
  • Date set for Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration
  • Course completion releases
  • Mikvah

Teaching your children about G-d is the most awesome of G-d’s commandments; we appreciate the honor of allowing us to assist you in this assignment.